FitNotes’ Mission

Many choices and habits, some harder than others, add up to physical fitness. These choices require daily effort and attention, and even some creative thinking. Together they add up to a process that never ends—and that’s good. Talking with others about this process, and about the rewards of being in shape, helps me maintain better habits.
I want to use FitNotes to learn, and to help others learn, by talking to each other about how to get fit and stay fit through exercise and reasonably healthy eating. I’ll share my experience and my reading in short, upbeat articles, to let readers know why I think that if I lost weight and got in shape, you can too. I hope you’ll leave comments and send email that will spark conversations and allow us to learn from each other.
Some topics I plan to write about in weekly columns: enjoying exercise for its own sake; being proud of meeting small and large exercise goals; how exercise improves mood and attitude; building muscle without a gym membership; pros and cons of calorie counting; meals that are healthy and convenient; and more.
I’ll also list links to other websites that seem to offer high-quality help and information, whether free or commercial. Please let me know if you find any good fitness weblogs or sites.
Disclaimer: I’m not a healthcare professional; I offer personal experience, reading, and opinions as a basis for columns and discussions. Nothing I write should be taken for medical advice. See your doctor before starting any new exercise program or diet.