Safety Tips

Found this list of safety hints for women via this week’s Carnival of the Vanities. I think they’re good ones and a few of them are new to me. Unfortunately for the daily calorie burn, one of the tips is “always take the elevator, never the stairs!” It’s a good reminder to balance conflicting priorities; I loved taking the stairwell in the office where I worked, for the exercise, but if somebody had hit me over the head there’s no telling when I would have been found.
These safety tips don’t directly address a need for fitness or strength. Most are tips for good judgment. But I think making good decisions and being fit can help any person stay safe by being able to run away faster; by keeping your balance long enough to use a knee or elbow and get away; by being better able to save yourself in an accident; and by possibly being less likely to be attacked or to have certain types of accidents (falls or ankle sprains) in the first place.
I don’t know of any statistics on fit people fending off attacks, but I feel more capable and safer from being in good shape. Our neighborhood is an unpredictable one, but rather than limit my activities out of fear, I choose my routes, look around me, and walk as if I won’t be stopped. I know I’m still vulnerable, but I’m doing what I can. With regard to accidents, there have been plenty of times when I’ve come close to twisting my ankle or falling during a steep hike. In those instances I’ve been thankful for the stability, flexibility, and agility that comes from strength and balance exercises.
Unrelated to fitness, another thing that helps me feel safe on the street is the fact that I never wear shoes I can’t run in. Even when I was much younger and not as safety conscious, I could never bring myself to wear heels or open shoes of any kind. They made me feel hobbled. Sandals have to have an ankle strap; loafers have to have a sole with some grip; dress shoes have to be flexible, comfortable, and impossible to kick off.
Do you have any favorite safety tips? Do other women share my avoidance of fragile shoes?