Never Too Late

During a period of two weeks that contained bad sleep, evening social plans, and a blood donation, I skipped several boxing classes. Instead, on many days, I took long walks, jumped rope on the patio, did a 20-minute workout with hand weights, and played volleyball. I love walking, especially up the hill to the east. It takes me up into some beautiful neighborhoods and then steeply down all the way to the lakeshore, so that on the way back I can challenge myself by jogging up the hill, or at least walking fast. I get exercise, and I get to indulge my habit of staring into other people’s flower gardens or admiring pretty houses.
I also really like working out with the jumprope and weights on the patio in our back yard. Being out in the air, under the sky, and looking around at my plants is much more fun than lifting weights in the house. But when I work out at home, I don’t push myself the way I do at the boxing classes.
During this break in my routine, I’ve realized that I want a new and different physical challenge. What I think I’m most interested in is trying soccer. This would let me explore the new appreciation of team sports that I’ve gotten from volleyball. I sent email to the Washington State Women’s Soccer Association and the Greater Seattle Soccer League, asking them if they’ll take an inexperienced but fit woman and teach her to play. This seems like a lot to ask, since they are leagues of competitive teams and I’ve never played, but it’s worth a try.
What I would be looking for is a new and strenuous outdoor workout and a rewarding team experience. I really am excited about having finally learned to see playing a team sport as a fun type of challenge instead of as guaranteed humiliation. Well-intentioned Title IX, which took effect when I was in first or second grade, meant that as a girl, I had to compete with boys who were more experienced with the games and who hated girls. As an adult, I’ve had to take people’s word for it that girls now enjoy sports in school. Obviously something has changed since I was there. It will be a tremendous leap for me if I can experience that enjoyment at the ripe age of 39. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, says my favorite bumper sticker.
I also have plans to take classes this fall toward a certificate in technical writing, so if either of the soccer leagues will take me I’ll have to wait and see how my fall schedule works out.

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  1. A couple of years ago I was looking for a rewarding physical outdoor challenge with a team experience, so I took up bike racing. I’m very happy with my choice! Not quite as team-oriented as soccer but it is still a team sport, involves a lot of comraderie, etc., and is a stellar cardio workout. Unfortunately, it does cost some money to get into it if you don’t already own a racing-caliber bike.

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