After being away on vacation and then having a chest cold, I went to boxing class for the first time in about 16 days. At the end of the workout, I had a pleasantly feverish, parched feeling. That sounds kind of strange, but once my system got all heated up, it was a relief to feel hot and parched rather than congested and miserable. That was Saturday. By Sunday night, my muscles were so sore, in so many places, that it reminded me of the first time Tom and I took the boxing class, almost two years ago. We were sore for about five days. The first few days it was comical in that we could hardly walk (especially up or down steps) without exclaiming “ow! ow! ow!” Last night, I did some stretching and some leaf-raking to try to work out the soreness. But it was still outrageous in that every time I stood up to move around, for the rest of the evening, I found that I was completely sore all over again.
I don’t mind having sore muscles because I know it’s temporary and is not a sign of injury, and I laugh at myself as I stiffly get up or sit down with a groan. Still, I was happy to get up this morning and find that the soreness was almost completely gone. I can’t go to the workout class tonight because of my writing class, but I did some digging in an old, weedy flower bed and planted some bulbs. (If you’re new to working out and have wondered how to tell whether you have muscle soreness or an injury, the second Q and A on this page offers some insight.)
If cost was not an issue, I’d like to belong to the YMCA as well as the boxing gym. That way, I could work out at times when the boxing class schedule isn’t convenient. Sometimes I work out by going down to the lake and jogging back up the hill, jumping rope on the patio, or doing a hand-weight routine. I like to exercise outside. But especially as the weather gets rainier, it’s fun to go to a nice facility like the Y where I can work out on my own as well as having lots of equipment available to me. That’s where I exercised before we discovered the boxing gym—the downtown Seattle YMCA had just been remodeled, and it’s deluxe!