How to Lose 300 Calories

Now that fall is here, I’m not outside as much, and I’m taking some writing classes that involve a lot of homework on the computer. As I did last fall, I’ve gained a few pounds. Before three pounds turns into five or ten, I want to stop the trend. I’m not likely to change my activity level or my diet dramatically any time soon, so I plan to use small, conservative changes to both. This approach will allow me to stop gaining and to lose the new pounds over a period of several weeks. The conservative changes I’m making are to eat 150 fewer calories each day and burn 150 more, for a daily deficit of 300 calories.
I’ve been trying for a few days now to spot opportunities for these small changes. Here’s what I’ve found on the calorie-burning side—a list of activities (from this excellent list) that can burn 150 calories for someone in my weight range of 125 to 130 pounds:
• Home calisthenics, light to moderate, 35 minutes
• General house cleaning, 45 minutes
• Gardening, 30 minutes
• Jump rope fast, 15 minutes
• Run 5 mph, 20 minutes
• Walk uphill at 3.5 mph, 30 minutes
• Run up stairs, 12 minutes
• Bicycle 12 to 14 mph, 25 minutes
How will I also reduce my intake by 150 calories a day? I’ll have to do some of these in combination.
• Resist eating a scoop of peanut butter out of jar when making a sandwich
• Give up Coke again
• At a full meal, decide what portion of food on the plate looks like 150 calories and don’t finish that part
• Don’t eat crackers with soup
• Choose lighter foods to eat for the evening meal
Has anyone tried this software? They certainly have a nice website.