Fine-Tuning Always Required

Since I lost the weight I wanted to lose three and a half years ago, my eating habits have slipped. They’re not as bad as they were before 2000, but I know I’ve gone back to eating too many high-calorie foods and not enough fruit and vegetables. Also I eat too large a portion of granola in the mornings—my goodness, I looked on the box and it says you’re supposed to eat a half cup for about 200 calories. I measured my actual portion: a cup and a half! Sheesh! But I’m so hungry first thing in the morning that it seems impossible not to fill my small bowl all the way up.
I’ve reined myself in a bit, although obviously not at breakfast. Throughout the rest of the day, I usually (emphasis on usually) make conscious food choices based on a quick mental tally of how many calories I’ve had so far. The thing is, I’m not really sure how many calories I should be eating in relation to my activity level, which had decreased around Christmas and afterward when I was sick for about two weeks.
So what I’m trying to do to keep my weight where I want it is to increase my activity. I do a very strenuous boxing workout three times a week, and for the past ten days or so I’ve also exercised on all of the other days as well, often doing something additional on the days that I go to boxing.
For example:
Today: Yard work and boxing.
Tuesday Jan. 20: Seven-mile bike ride with two hills.
Monday Jan. 19: Fifty-minute walk and boxing.
Sunday Jan. 18: Tiring 27-mile bike ride.
Sat. Jan. 17: Boxing.
Fri. Jan. 16: Bike ride with two or three hills.
Thurs. Jan. 15: One-hour fast walk.
Weds. Jan. 14: Boxing.
Tues. Jan. 13: Jog, jumprope, walk—45 minutes total.
Mon. Jan. 12: Boxing.
Sunday Jan. 11: Tons of yard work.
Sat. Jan. 10: Boxing and a walk.
Tomorrow I have an appointment to donate blood. Yuck! But when the blood center goes so far as to call me and say my blood type is down to a one-day supply, I can’t say no. I don’t like giving blood because it throws off my workout routine. If I donate blood and, during the following two days, if I work out using my largest (lower-body) muscles at all—apparently they are the most oxygen-guzzling ones—I get dizzy.
I’ll walk to the blood center and back tomorrow, and I’ll probably stop for a haircut along the way (just think, 200 years ago I could have done both in the same place), then do a long fast walk or yard work on Friday. Then I’ll have to decide whether to go to boxing on Saturday, knowing I will have to watch out for creeping dizziness.