Beef: It’s What’s for Breakfast

I don’t feel bad about having a big breakfast if I’m hungry in the morning, but I don’t want it to consist of a ridiculous amount of calories from a single, sugary source. After I realized the other day how much granola I eat, I wanted to add some variety to breakfast—not only to cut calories, but to add more protein. I bought some thin-sliced roast beef from the deli and I’m experimenting with having one slice for breakfast, with or without following it up with a small portion of granola. That may sound like a weird combination, but I think of it as a much healthier version of having a couple of slices of bacon.
Next week, I might try skipping cereal altogether and having a piece of fruit with my slice of roast beef. That would be lower in calories and would be one less meal of highly processed food. Granola has connotations of “health food,” but it’s probably just as processed and sugary as Cap’n Crunch.

6 thoughts on “Beef: It’s What’s for Breakfast”

  1. My breakfast plan: first, a fruit serving (these days usually a clementine). Then, starch and protein. So, oatmeal with milk (and cinnamon), or 1 oz cheese with two ryekrisp, or a salami sandwich. My diabetic food plan gives me six servings of starch a day, so two slices of whole grain bread works well at this meal.

  2. clementine is like a small orange. Here they are available only at a certain season and usually come in small crates.
    breakfast sounds good. I’ve been reworking on my nutritional habits, and am trying to really get a daily breakfast going. Actually I’m now trying to figure out a good system of eating that fits me and is healthier.

  3. check out some of those citrus-weblog entries I’ve pointed too recently, and see the wonders of all the kinds of citrus in the world! I’m not sure if satsuma and clementine are the same genetically or just similar, but they are both good. I like them because they are easy to peel and not too big — an issue if a diabetic diet is especially strict. I was actually measuring the milk for cereal when I was first diagnosed; now not quite as much. I do measure the cereal, though!

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