A Short-Term Goal

I’ve decided to try to exercise every day for a month. So far I’ve exercised every day since January 10.
Today: Bike ride—nine miles, one long hill.
Yesterday: Boxing.
Sunday Jan. 25: Thirty-mile bike ride. Ouch!
Saturday Jan. 24: Boxing.
Friday Jan. 23: One-hour walk with hills. In the rain—does that add anything?
Thursday Jan. 22: Long walk for several errands, carrying groceries part of the way.
Today’s bike ride, though fun and not very long, made me tired. Also I have cramps—yes, those cramps. It’s good that I have to go to my writing class tonight or who knows what I’d end up eating. I’m going to take a green tea bag and my coffee mug with me so I can enjoy that in class, and a Luna bar for a snack. Hmm. Maybe I’ll eat it now.
Tomorrow I’ll go to boxing, and if it makes me more tired than usual, I’ll only do a short walk the next day. I have jury duty next week, which will take up at least two days. I’ll have to figure out a way to fit in some exercise on the Tuesday, especially, when I’ll have my class after sitting in court or in the waiting area all day.

2 thoughts on “A Short-Term Goal”

  1. Good for you Fran! It sounds like you’ve got a great routine going. I have been trying to exercise most days this month as well…it has taken me a while to get back to the same fitness level I was at pre-flu. I had to drag myself away from a good book and to the gym this evening, but once I got there I felt pretty good. I hope you keep up the great momentum!

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