I had planned to go for a walk today as part of my month of daily exercise, but two things made that difficult. I woke up with a migraine and it’s been pouring rain all day. I took my migraine pill, which makes me tired and lethargic, although I’m not complaining because it takes the headache away.
Luckily, I received email from the local library saying that a book I had reserved (about Japanese gardens) had come in. I told myself I’d walk down there to get it, first circling past the library into a more hilly neighborhood to lengthen the walk a bit. I told myself I’d walk to a certain point, no matter how slowly and lazily, and then turn back for the library and go home. So I put on my hiking pants (of some nonabsorbent material) and went out. I was heading south, right into the rain. My pants stuck to my thighs, then my knees, then my shins. Then they stretched a bit and started to drench the tops of my shoes and skim the ground at my heels. I passed loads of schoolkids being released for the day and they must have thought I had something wrong with me to be wandering in the rain soaked to the skin.
By the time I got to the library, even the money in my pocket was wet. I had to hand over $1.70 in overdue fines though I can’t remember what for.
One thing I love about being out in the rain is seeing the water charging down the gutters into the street drains. I saw a lot that were partly blocked by matted dead leaves, but none were totally clogged. I also like walking around and looking in people’s yards in winter when everything is wet and a mess. I like to see what the rain does to things and how outdoor surfaces and stuff left outside look when they’re wet. Also now bulbs and irises are coming up so it is fun to look out for them among the dead brown stems from last year.
Tomorrow, another walk, maybe a little drier. Saturday, boxing. Sunday? Maybe a snowshoeing trip to the mountains.

One thought on “Drainspotting”

  1. I walked from my place on fifteenth to the Russian Center (dance place) on 19th last night because it was only drizzling, if that. But when I walked home! I really got soaked. I would have called my husband for a ride if there’d been someone around with a cell phone. hair, dress neckline and hem, leather jacket, purse, dance bag, legs and shoes — all completely wet.
    The dancing was good, lots of fun partners!

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