One Day at a Time

February 10 will make 30 days in a row of exercising… except one. Last Friday I felt a migraine coming on. I had plans to meet a friend for coffee on Greenwood Avenue, a nice neighborhood for walking, and all I did besides have coffee and pastries with her was stroll up and down the street and look in three or four shops. On the way home I stopped at Gas Works Park and went up the hill to take a picture of the skyline and then straight back to the car. It all did not add up to significant exercise for that day. On the positive side, the migraine never did hit with full force.
Saturday, Tom and I went to boxing and later took a longish walk along the river in Renton, where we saw a lot of waterfowl. If you divide the amount of exercise on Saturday among the two days, you could say that on average I didn’t really have an idle day.
Sunday we rode our bikes downtown to the dog show and back, yesterday I went to boxing and also did some cleaning, and today I took an hour walk. I went north a couple of miles and found out where the miniature horse lives—I saw him in his little “pasture,” a large, shaded corner lot that apparently belongs to the house next door to it.