Exercise Every Day

Since January 10 I’ve exercised every day except about five days. Most of those were rest days I chose consciously, as opposed to just deciding I didn’t feel like exercising that day or not having time. For me, exercise means at least a 40-minute fast walk. Anything less is a rest day.
This week is my second full week at a temp job, and I get really stressed out by having my free time compressed into a couple of hours at night. That’s the kind of angst that makes being home and writing or reading, sacrificing the workout time, seem like a way to be good to myself. How much slack can I have? Either I exercise every day or I don’t. I like to think it’s such a strong, ingrained priority that I’ll do it almost no matter what. And now something as normal as a nine-to-five job changes my priorities.
I don’t want to fall off the exercise wagon, and I really don’t want to gain weight. Losing weight was so difficult. Can I trust my good habits to kick in tomorrow or the next day? Should I give in and say I’ll exercise four or five days a week instead of trying for every single day? That seems reasonable. I chose to try for every day because it seemed like a good way to raise my average level of activity, and it was. Maybe I shouldn’t treat it like a dogma to follow religiously. Going from part-time freelancing to full-time work with a long commute is a big adjustment, so I guess it’s okay to adjust the exercise routine as well.
If I try to take a walk during the workday as often as possible, and go to boxing three times in most (maybe not all) weeks, that can help keep my activity level high enough. Now, to try not to feel guilty about it.