Back to the Routine

I started a temp job in March, and combined with the technical writing classes I was taking, it was difficult to squeeze in workouts and a little gardening here and there. Updating FitNotes was one of the things I had to skip for a while. I usually managed to update my online journal once a week and felt I was doing pretty well at that rate, considering all the reading and writing homework we had.
When I’m especially busy is a good time to observe the habits I fall into, which reveal my true priorities. This time I found that the activities I made time for were: going to the boxing class two or three times a week; long bike rides with Tom on some weekends; and working in the yard. It was surprising how I was able to squeeze in time to water a few flowerpots or pull weeds for 20 minutes when I got home each evening before I even unlocked the door.
The classes are over now. I’ve had trouble keeping my weight right where I want it while I’ve been working at Microsoft with its great cafeterias. I’ve drifted up three to four pounds again. Fortunately, last time that happened, I took the extra pounds off again, so this time I’m still only up by a few instead of by twice as many. As important as exercise is at controlling my weight, eating habits play an even greater role. You can eat a thousand calories in minutes, but you can’t exercise enough to take it off again without cutting out the high-calorie foods for a while. That’s the hardest part for me to accomplish.