Eating Trumps Exercise

I wish it wasn’t true, but the fact is I can eat a whole day’s worth of calories in minutes and gain weight no matter how much I exercise. My inner whiner says, “As active as I am, why do I still have to watch what I eat?” It doesn’t seem fair.
This weekend lasted three days because of the holiday, and during the three days I wore myself out with the following strenuous activities: boxing class, three hours of sand volleyball, an hour and a half of kayaking, an hour’s bike ride, and finally a 40-mile scenic bike ride on a bumpy (extra tiring) gravel trail. And this morning my weight was five pounds higher than it should be, three pounds higher than it’s been recently on average.
Why? Because I haven’t been in the habit of weighing myself lately, and all the high-calorie meals have caught up with me. I took a trip to see a friend for four days and drank too much Coke. Later in the week I had at least one meal with french fries. Yesterday, on the long bike ride, I was starving when we rolled up to a little diner and I had a double cheeseburger. It was delicious! But in 40 miles, I bet I didn’t burn as many calories as I ate in that one meal.
On the positive side, I’ve been eating a good variety of foods including several servings of fresh fruit on most days. Still, as much as I exercise and as hungry as I get, it’s so frustrating to have to limit my eating.
I guess this is never going to stop, and I foresee several decades of gaining and losing the same three to five pounds over and over again. Worse, I’m doomed to serious weight gain on account of my eating (not just a few pounds) if I for some reason am ever not as active as I am right now. Which is pretty likely. I always expect to be active, but I doubt I’ll be playing sand volleyball and boxing at 65. What I’d like to be doing at that point in life is swimming, biking, and lifting weights. But if I’m going to control my weight for life I have to learn to eat lighter, like it or not. Sigh.
Here’s an article on WebMD, full of good reminders about permanently changing eating habits: Feed Yourself: Healthy Habits. I think I may have to start keeping a food diary again.

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