Adventures at 40

My 40th birthday is next week. Wanting to keep learning and improving for life leads me to try new things and occasionally master them well enough to feel I’ve accomplished something worthwhile. In that vein, I’m writing down some recent events I’ve been pleased with.
This morning: five pull-ups and then another two after a rest of about 15 seconds.
Last night Today: 16 17 push-ups in 30 seconds, then 9 and 6 push-ups in the next two sets; I held the top position for the remaining seconds of each set.
A couple of weeks ago Today: Jumping rope, I did 110 120 doubles (twirling the rope around twice per jump) without stopping.
Another new thing I’m trying is to learn to do a handstand. I can still do a cartwheel, and when I’m warmed up I can do a one-handed one. That’s about as far as I ever got in gymnastics as a kid so I can’t complain. Also, I’ve been playing volleyball again this summer and have gotten a little better.
Pretty decent for 40, considering when I was young I thought 40-year-old women were frumpy and fragile. I do find it hard to take in the fact that such a high number could possibly apply to me, though! In my mind I’m still nineteen.

2 thoughts on “Adventures at 40”

  1. My 40th is in October. This has induced a flurry of activity on my part too (mainly lots of running). I keep feeling like this is a pivotal time: if I enter my 40’s active, it will be easier to keep it going. I know 40 is just an arbitrary point (I’m not still 19, more like 16 in my head), but I’ll take my motivation where I can get it. Tonight it was your blog.

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