Danger: Shoes

So I’m trying to look reasonably nice at work these days. It’s beautiful out, I have a new long-term temp job in a beautiful location, and my coworkers are all very nice. Why not make a good impression by dressing as something other than a slouchy tomboy or my usual Harriet the Spy look? (Honk if you love Harriet.)
I got some new clothes, comfortable but slightly upscale, and that means I have to wear dress shoes. At least with a skirt, you know? I don’t wear heels – never even tried them on – but flats and loafers seem to be just as painful. Today I wore these feminine, petite Mary Jane flats from Nine West. They’re not new. I’ve had them since last summer and have worn them maybe five times. They don’t fit my normal Harriet ensemble, so I only wear them to weddings and job interviews.
Today the shoes looked nice with my skirt and they felt fine (as always) until I left the house. Later in the day I figured that because they were starting to rub my heels, they must be a little too big, so I stuffed toilet paper into the toes. (I did that with my loafers last week! Are my feet getting smaller?) I walked around the office and my feet felt better, the shoes comfortably snug.
After work, by the time I’d walked to the bus, walked to the other bus, and walked home from the bus, I had three blisters on each foot. From lightweight leather flats! I saw another woman get off the bus wearing shorts and sport sandals, and she ran across the street like a kid. I would have given a million dollars to be in her shoes! Literally.
How does this happen? No matter what shoes I wear, if they’re not laced-up athletic shoes, they tear holes into my feet in minutes. I see women walking around in all kinds of dress shoes, flat and otherwise, and they look perfectly comfortable. How do they do it? Is there something wrong with my feet? It’s enough to make me want to give up this make-a-good-impression idea and put my hiking shoes back on. All I know is, tomorrow I’m definitely wearing socks.
Maybe if I want to be chic but comfortable I should spring for some Campers. They look cute, summery, and comfortable, but I’m afraid to find out how expensive they are.
ANYWAY, I changed as soon as I got home, and biked to boxing. My feet felt fine once I got into my socks and running shoes. But when we started jumping rope I realized that my lower legs were killing me. My calves were cramped, I had additional surprise abrasions on the bottoms of my feet, and my shins and ankles ached. The outside edges of my feet felt like they were being hit with hammers. All of this from hobbling eight blocks in uncomfortable shoes.