Follow-Up: First CrossFit Session

After last night’s workout I was wondering whether I’d be very sore today. I’m not. In the night, whenever I rolled over, I noticed I was stiff and fatigued, and that’s just how I feel today. It feels really good to stretch. I’m less stiff than I was last night by bedtime, and whenever I lift anything or even do something easy like washing dishes, my muscles feel tired. But that’s good. One part that is a little sore is the top fronts of my shoulders where the bar rested during the front squats. I still wonder if I’m going to be sorer tomorrow. Sometimes it really hits only on the second day.
One update to yesterday’s entry: Tom pointed out that for the deadlift, I was lifting almost my body weight even with only 30 kg on the bar, because the bar itself weighs 45 pounds. The total weight was about 18 pounds under my body weight. I had forgotten about the weight of the bar after the fact. I was extremely aware of the weight of the bar when I was lifting it alone for 20 reps of the push-press.
I’m off work today because of a couple of appointments. Later on I’m going to walk to the grocery store. Then after my doctor’s appointment, I’ll continue working on spreading the pile of wood chips in the yard to where I want them for my new future tree bed. I think that will tire me out and I’ll sleep really well again tonight. Now I have to plan when I want to go back to CrossFit for the four personal training sessions and send them email.