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After my second personal training session tonight, I went home feeling I hadn’t been challenged enough. Since then I’ve been a bad mood, feeling overwhelmed by life and neurotically unable to stop talking about it. Maybe I’m more tired than I realized. Maybe this is a new kind of tiredness and I’m not completely in touch with it yet, as I am when I’m tired from the boxing class. That seemed to be the case on Tuesday when I tried jumping rope at the end and found out how tired I was.
Tonight Dave worked with me almost exclusively on front squats, adding weight between sets a little at a time until I was lifting around 60 kg if I remember right. First he had me warm up with overhead squats with an unweighted bar, giving me the chance to learn how that lift works and use it as a pre-workout stretch. I was surprised when I couldn’t squat as low in the overhead squat as I can empty-handed. This is because of inadequate shoulder and back flexibility, which I’d known nothing about. Interesting! Aside from that, it was challenging to keep my arms rigid and to keep the bar way up behind my head without sagging forward. The trick, according to Dave, is to lock the arms and pull outward on the bar in both directions, as if trying to separate it in the middle. This pull makes the bar come right back up into balance but it’s hard to maintain.
So on to the front squats. I was nervous because I tried this lift with Nick last week and never got comfortable with it, and that had been with very little weight. Dave assured me that this lift is uncomfortable for a while and that’s normal, so I tried not to be distracted by my nervousness. He told me specifically to focus on nothing but keeping my weight back on my heels and driving up under the weight. He also had me squat and then drop the weights, so that I won’t be afraid to do so if I get stuck sometime.
As the weight increased I never doubted my ability to control my descent into the squat, but I was surprised each time by how hard it was to drive it back up. As the weight got heavier, Dave had me do fewer reps. He stopped to think a couple of times, deciding whether I should do two or three reps, and suddenly it all seemed kind of silly. Part of me wanted to say, just give me something really hard to do and tell me to do it for three minutes. Don’t split hairs.
When I left, I missed the wiped-out feeling I have after the boxing workout. It comes from the combination of intense cardio with the resistance, impact, and endurance challenges of moving and punching the bags. Is this really the workout I want to do twice a week and only go to boxing once a week? I sure don’t want to stand around and talk. But I’m pretty sure these personal training sessions are not representative of the CrossFit workouts I’ll do once I learn these building-block skills. I know I’ll find it gratifying to learn them in any case. But honestly, I’m worried about gaining weight in the next couple of weeks while I’m not yet up to speed at CrossFit and am not going to boxing as often as I used to. I hope I can moderate my eating to compensate.
Although I enjoyed today’s session, I really didn’t feel I worked hard enough or had enough variety. I’m going to try to keep in mind that it will take time to get up to speed, and once I do, I will be able to challenge myself as hard as I want. I’m leaning toward signing up for the classes, after the four personal sessions, and giving myself six months to see whether I get results that will make me want to continue. I should start thinking about what specific results I want to get.

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