CrossFit Workout

I loved tonight’s workout: five rounds of 12 kettlebell clean-and-jerk and 5 pullups. I’m tired from my upper back down to the backs of my knees, plus my forearms are wiped out from learning to control the heavy bells as I lower them from the top position back down to chest level. This is my favorite kind of exercise. Like the wall-ball on Tuesday, it involves weight, movement, control, and speed. I like to feel my whole body working for strength and cardio at the same time, and I like feeling drained afterwards and just a little sore the next day.
Plus, now I know what the clean and jerk is. (Are?) I found the jerk move to be surprisingly complicated at first. I overthought it and continually forgot the final dip in which I was supposed to straighten my arms under the weight. Dave had me using 12 kg kettlebells and after I had problems with the move he let me practice for a while with lighter ones. But when we went into the “real” workout—as opposed to warming up and learning the moves—he had me go back to the heavier ones. For my first round I did two sets of 6 reps, for the second through fourth rounds I did four sets of 3 reps (some with the lighter bells), and for the fifth round I did four sets of three.
Also in each round I had to do 5 pullups, and a big rubberband was hung from the bar. I tucked my feet into it and it allowed me to do 5 chest-high pullups fast in each of the five rounds. Without the rubberband I couldn’t have pulled up so high and I would only have been able to do four pullups (or less as I got more tired from the weights).
Midway through, as I put the kettlebells down, I discovered a sudden burst blister on my right hand at the base of my first finger. We put some tape on it, which came loose almost immediately but offered some protection. And, possibly related, by the end I had tweaked my left elbow several times while lowering the bells and rotating them inward toward my chest, coming down from the top position. I’m thinking I got a blister on the right because I used my grip to control the weight, saving my elbow, while on the left I didn’t grip hard enough to get a blister and instead lost control and twisted my elbow. It made the 12 kg kettlebells seem so intimidating that I was tempted to ask if I could finish the workout with the lighter ones, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t inflicted a lasting injury. I have to remember next time to really grip hard with my left hand as well as my right, and maybe wear gloves. My elbow feels fine now.
So this was my last of four personal training sessions, and next I’ll start coming to their classes twice a week. I’m going to feel self-conscious at first, but everybody seems friendly so maybe it will not make me too nervous.