First Post-Vacation Workout

We got back from a partly active, partly sedentary vacation last night. We spent three days bike riding across part of Missouri on the Katy Trail (a former railroad) and spent the rest of the time doing easy hikes and being extremely well taken care of by our fabulous home-cookin’ relatives.
Tomorrow I’m going to CrossFit and I’m afraid I’m not going to remember how to do anything. In reality I think that’s an exaggerated nervousness. For a little practice, I improvised a home workout tonight:
Three rounds of 20 floor-to-ceiling and 8 pushups
6 pullups, 3-2-1
3 minutes of weighted walking lunges with a 10-pound hand weight held up to each shoulder
Three rounds of 8 pushups
2 minutes weighted lunges off the stepper, thrusting the 10-pound weight out forward at top of each lunge
2 minutes one-hand deadlifts to overhead position with the 10-pound weight, alternating hands
Three rounds of 6 pushups
2 minutes practicing clean and jerk with the two 10-pounds weights
3 pullups
This took about 21 minutes.