CrossFit Workouts

Oct. 29
Warm-up: 1000-meter row; front squat 2 sets of 25 with lightweight pole
Workout: Front squats with max weight you can lift. I had to work up gradually to find something close to my max and here’s what I did, if I remembered it correctly immediately afterwards: 40 lbs. 5 reps; ~64 lbs. 5 reps; ~74 lbs. 3 reps; and finally ~106 lbs. 8 reps in four sets of 2.
I was a glutton for punishment and wanted more, so Dave told me to do 50 kettlebell clean and jerks, which I did in five sets of 10 with about 18 pounds in each hand (8-Kg kettlebells).
I did this workout with a partner, Sue, and that was fun.
Nov. 1
Today was a benchmark workout and it happened to be the one I did with Nick on my very first evening at CrossFit last month.
First we warmed up with some medicine-ball chest passes, “homemade yoga,” and squats with body weight only. Then, this benchmark workout was three rounds of: row 500 meters, 21 box jumps, and 12 deadlifts of about 90 pounds. Last time I finished in about 19 minutes, realizing I was being pretty deliberate and making sure I got the hang of everything. Tonight I finished in 14:30. I rowed so hard that for rounds 2 and 3 I had to step up and down off of the box instead of jumping.
When I was done my chest was burning from breathing so hard. I think I’m in good condition aerobically, so I was surprised to find myself coughing and clearing my throat repeatedly. It seems like I have all this phlegm I’m never aware of until I do something really intense that starts loosening it up. Yuck! Guess I should row like that more often.
Nick supportively said he thinks I can get my time on that workout down to ten minutes. I’m not sure how I’ll do that, but if my legs didn’t feel so leaden I could have done the box-jumps properly. That would have saved me a lot of time, but I don’t know about 4-1/2 minutes. We’ll see.