CrossFit Workout

Warm-up: Improvised yoga with Dave
7 rounds of tabata wall-ball (30 seconds on, 5 seconds of rest, count how many you do each round); I did something like 11, 11, 12, 11, 12, 11, 10
21, 15, and 9 clean and jerk with an unweighted 20-pound bar
Row 500 meters
25 push-ups, 25 sit-ups
Row 300 meters
25 sit-ups, some with medicine ball throw instigated by an enthusiastic gym rat (it was fun)
25 push-ups
(Then Dave saw me and said, “You seem to want more work.” He had me try three or four clean and jerks with 20 pounds on the bar. It was good to try it. I was tired then and losing enthusiasm, so I decided to row a bit more and go home.)
Row 500 meters
The sequence of clean and jerks with just the bar was hard, and I had to take breaks during each set. The goal, if I understood it right, is to get the technique down and do sets like these for speed, while building up the tolerable amount of weight and occasionally doing heavy ones as single lifts. It sure makes me nervous to drop down underneath the weight while shifting it up toward my shoulders for the clean. I’ll get used to it.
I liked being there and doing some extra work. Being at the gym is a little vacation. I found myself thinking I’d try one more thing because I didn’t yet feel like going to the grocery store. Working out creates space to not do chores, not think ahead to what I need to do next. It’s nice to have that every few days because it seems like I’m always managing my time and thinking ahead.