Boxing Workout

I love the boxing gym! I hadn’t been there since early October. We were on vacation for two weeks and then I went to CrossFit or exercised on my own a couple of times since we got back. It was so nice to see everybody at Cappy’s, and I had a great workout. The hardest thing out of the hour was the three minutes of alternating 30 seconds of mountain-climbers with 30 seconds of push-ups. We’d just done three minutes of various cardio with our hands behind our head so the shoulders were already tired. I had to stop several times during the mountain-climber–push-up round. Later we did the usual tons of crunches.
Boxing and CrossFit complement each other well. CrossFit feels like 95 to 100 percent of possible intensity for a short time, or sometimes like a nerve-wracking strength workout where I’m learning moves that still seem complicated. Boxing feels like maybe 80 percent intensity for a whole hour, with intervals of 95 to 100 percent just to make sure we’re challenged and exhausted. Every gym thinks they’ve got the best workout around. I say these two workouts are equally serious. If the fittest people from each gym traded places, I’m sure they’d find challenges even at their high level of ability.
A friend at boxing who knows I’m going to CrossFit asked me if my legs are getting stronger from it. So far, the main thing I notice is that my lower back is stronger, not necessarily my legs at this point.