Home Workout

Three minutes of each, taking short breaks as needed:
Overhead squat (started out with 10-pound weights and switched after 15 to broomstick)
Pull-ups (couldn’t do any! Improvised with partial ones, negatives, hanging leg-raises, etc.)
Floor to ceiling (jumping as high as possible from a squat to hands overhead)
Push-ups (36)
Clean and jerk with 10-pound dumbbells (about 36)
Overhead squat (same as above—did 39)
Front squats, with or without 10-pound hand weights (51)
Overhead squat with broomstick (60)
A lot of the drills I do in at-home workouts are too easy because I don’t own heavier weights than 10 pounds. But drills like the overhead squat are challenging in that I’m struggling with a lack of back flexibility. I don’t know if it’s possible to regain that or not. Pull-ups are always hard, and today they were impossible—I guess because I was still fatigued from the Suffer on Saturday workout, strange as that seems.
I finally got a timer so I can do three-minute rounds. Maybe I’ll get some 20-pound dumbbells soon. But I don’t really like working out in the basement and I’ll probably never get myself to do it more than once a week in between visits to the gym.