CrossFit Workout

Friday night’s workout was fun. I partnered with a woman I hadn’t met before. The drills were:
Medicine ball overhead toss, 10 each
Kettlebell sit-ups, 5 each hand (hold a weight straight up toward the ceiling, arm locked, and sit up until aligned with the straight-up arm)
Run around the building, taking turns tossing the medicine ball to each other from a squat position
L-sit 1 minute
Pistols (one-legged squats), 5 each leg
We were to do that three times through for time. My partner and I were not fast, but we had fun. I found that because of sore abdominals from the gymnastics on Wednesday, I couldn’t lift more than the smallest kettlebell while doing a sit-up. It was comical as I progressed down through lighter and lighter weights until I was holding about four pounds.
The outside run and medicine ball toss was fun—it felt great to go outside when we were all heated up. The gym is in a World War II–era hangar on a former Navy base, so to go outside and run around it is to be in a deserted and quiet environment. One side of the building was not well lit, as well as having uneven pavement and wet fallen leaves, so we had to slow down there. But it was a lot of fun to run past each other and turn around to catch the medicine ball and then to judge the other person’s trajectory before squatting and rising up to throw the ball.
The L-sit is the one where you hold yourself up between parallel bars with your legs straight out in the air in front of you—impossible for any but the strongest athletes. We had to support each other’s feet, so really we were only working out our shoulders on that drill. I’m not sure how a person could build up to doing a real L-sit using a spotter, because if you can’t hold up your legs at all, you’ll put the whole weight on the spotter and not build any strength. I think I’ll have to build up to it by struggling to do the full L-sit, if only for a second at a time.
The pistols are a good one to do with a spotter. My partner held onto my hand as I sank down on one foot with my other leg straight out in front, and instead of my collapsing, she helped me rise back up for a powerful hamstring/glute workout. I’m looking forward to trying that one again.
After we completed our partner workout, which took us a leisurely 45 minutes, I wasn’t ready to leave. It’s fun to be at the gym on a Friday night thinking of nothing but what else I can try before I get too tired. So I did 15 bell-ball (throw the medicine ball straight up, from a squat, to hit an overhead jinglebell on a string on the way up), three rope-climbing attempts, 4 sets of 10 dips assisted with a big rubberband, row 500 meters in 2:02, my best time yet, and 20 box-jumps on and off of the stepper (not the highest box, which makes me too nervous when I’m tired). I need to work up to doing box-jumps only on the high box.