Home Workout: Run 2 Miles

After trying the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) for push-ups and sit-ups last Tuesday, I decided I ought to also take the two-mile run test. I don’t run regularly so I knew it would be hard to run two miles at all, let alone fast. Tom ran with me around the track at Garfield High School. We finished in 18:22, though I wanted to quit so bad! Eight times around the track seemed unimaginable after the first one. I just said to myself that there was no point in quitting because the only way to find out my time was to finish. (And then, unfortunately, the only way to improve my time would be to do it again and again… ugh!)
Still, according to the APFT calculator, my time was well under the 80% mark for a woman my age, and that makes me feel I did pretty well for a non-runner. I only need to improve my time by 1:22 (or 11 seconds per lap) to make the 100% mark. If I hadn’t had to stop and retie my shoes, maybe I would have come within 45 seconds of it.

One thought on “Home Workout: Run 2 Miles”

  1. Fran– that’s a great time, especially considering that you don’t run (regularly). I’m told at some point it does become fun, but I can’t speak to that from experience! Good for you!

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