Learn To Do a Handstand

I looked up some tips on handstands. All of these articles were interesting. A couple of them emphasize the need to hold your body stiff. Find the balance and hold it with the whole body, making only small adjustments. I need to remember to practice finding the right position and stiffening my body instead of kicking up any old way, barely feeling the balance, and coming straight down again.
“After an extended break from childhood gymnastics in Japan, Masako Kardos, age 43 of Laguna Beach, California has mastered the handstand…”
Look at your hands from underneath your eyebrows. Push up from the floor so you extend in your shoulders. …”
“Kicking up against a wall can help give you a feel for being upside down but should not be used for practicing a handstand. …”
“To test to see if you are strong enough to hold your body straight, lie on the floor on your back, with your arms down by your side. Tighten your body, keeping it straight along the floor. Then, have someone lift only your feet about 3 feet into the air. If you are still tight, your legs, hips, and torso all should still be as straight as they were when you were still flat on the ground. …”
Our hands become our feet, so you have to think about it in the mechanics of the way you walk on your feet. …

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  1. Great webpage! I really loved what I found out, I think I might be abole to get a handstand right after a couple of more practices.
    It’s really nice to find a good website like yours with all this great info!

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