Army PFT Attempt No. 2

Today I slept in instead of getting up to be at the gym at 9:00. I decided my exercise for today would be to try the Army physical fitness test again: push-ups, sit-ups, and two-mile run. (Not that I have fantasies of joining the Army! It’s just that these benchmarks come in handy for checking progress.)
I managed 45 push-ups in two minutes, 70 sit-ups in two minutes (on my second try), and a two-mile run in 17:47. These all represented small improvements over my first attempts (here and here). I gave myself a second try at the sit-ups today after the run because on my first try I only made 55—worse than last time.
For the run, I was by myself, instead of with Tom like last time, and I felt as if I was going very slow. I was surprised to see that I ran each of the first 4 laps in 1:59 for a 7:56 first mile. Then I wimped out. After completing the fourth lap, I walked about 50 yards before starting to run again. My lungs were burning—but really, probably not enough to warrant slowing down to a walk. I did that again after the fifth round, then ran the rest of the way, slowing to a jog instead of to a walk when I felt I had to. I was surprised and happy to beat my previous time of 18:22, but taking two walk-breaks makes me disappointed in myself. Still, it was only my second try.
I hope I can learn to pace myself properly to run the whole thing. If I could run each lap at 2:07, I’d make the 100% (of the army test) time for a female of my age. Surely with practice I’ll be able to do that.
Last night we were talking with a 10-year-old neighbor who’s a big soccer player. He said his fastest fourth-grade friend ran a mile in something like 6:30, and I think he said his own mile time was something like 7:20. Wow! Can I possibly catch up with the local fourth graders? I actually felt envious! But in any case I know I can get faster, even though I’ll never get as fast as that young man is going to get.

2 thoughts on “Army PFT Attempt No. 2”

  1. Wow! Reading about your fitness test efforts is so inspiring. In fact, I think it’s after reading your site that I set the Pararescue Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST) goal for myself. I’m sure hoping six months is enough. You’re very inspiring on this part.
    And just to save multiple comments, thanks for your previous post showing how the various exercises are executed. They’re awesome!

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