CrossFit Workout

Last night’s workout was deadlifts. We worked up to our max for the second time. My max last night was 198 pounds, added up for me (as I was braindead) by the same coach who piled on all that weight and told me to lift it.
This seemed like a significant increase from my last deadlift max of 182. Dave reminded me that beginners tend to make “quick apparent gains” because of the skill we’re acquiring, not because we’ve already built lots more muscle. Fine with me. I wonder how much I will lift in several months when maybe I will have gained some actual, and not “apparent,” muscle. I don’t know how ambitious to be.
It’s fun to just try whatever they suggest and see what happens. When I try to deadlift a load that’s too heavy, I counterproductively start to giggle, because the weight feels comically not so much heavy as stuck to the floor. Meanwhile Apparent Gains has turned into a standing joke for me and Tom when we talk about working out. (“Don’t mind my Apparent weakness and lack of skill; I will soon make some more Apparent Gains.”)
After the deadlift we had to do five rounds of:
10 kettlebell snatch with each hand (mine weighed 12 KG)
100-yard (I think) sprint
I tried hard not to pace myself, but to go right back into the kettlebell snatches as soon as I finished the run. But in reality I took several gasping recovery breaths before picking up the kettlebell. It was remarkable how much my run slowed down between the first one and the last. I was happy to be done with all that, though I really like that kind of drill, involving a lot of movement as well as weight.
I’m stiff today in my upper back from the snatches, am tired in my lower back from the deadlifts, and have pink bruises on my forearms from the kettlebell swinging over my hand and landing there at the top of each snatch. But I’m glad to say that gripping the moving handle of the bell no longer makes a blister on my palms. (An Apparent Gain!)

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  1. I’m not training for a sport or event, though I play a little sand volleyball in summer and do a lot of recreational bike riding around town. For me, working out at CrossFit, at the boxing gym, or outside is like a sport in itself. I have virtually no experience with playing sports previous to the volleyball. I just like to be strong.

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