CrossFit Workout

Tonight was 3 rounds of:
40 kettlebell swings (10 KG)
40 sit-ups
Sprint 440 yards around the building
30 dips
We were not supposed to make this into a marathon of struggling to get all 30 dips, but to keep it moving with minimal breaks, even if that meant not doing all 30. I did 20 shallow but unassisted dips for the first round, then 25 rubberband-assisted dips for rounds 2 and 3. The runs were hard. It wasn’t hard to keep running, but it was hard to maintain any speed at all after the first round. My third “sprint” was a jog. I finished the workout in 24 minutes. Tom finished in 22:00.
Next I did three sets of 5 push-presses with the unweighted 20-kg barbell. The purpose was to continue to strengthen and gain confidence in my weak right shoulder, which I discovered recently. Dave helped me get set up for that and agreed that it would be a good way to build up the shoulder.
Then Tom and I asked for help with kettlebell windmills, which we’ve tried before and found really tricky. They are hard to describe. Forget the kettlebell for now. Stand on one leg and hold the same arm straight overhead (pretending it’s holding a weight). Keeping all the weight on that foot, put the other foot down lightly. To bend down, push your hip back, keeping the natural arch in the back (as you would in a squat or deadlift). As you descend, turn your head and look up at the weight in your top hand. This hand rotates along with the shoulder as the unweighted hand reaches for its opposite foot. Weighted leg does not bend. Back stays arched. The whole upper body rotates at the waist; the head rotates to look up at the weight; and the weighted arm/shoulder/hand rotates in the shoulder socket. This stretches the whole weighted side of the body and requires it to flex along the side to pull the upper body back up.
Dave does not recommend doing that without a weight because it’s so hard to keep the top hand and arm in the locked-out, straight-up, press position. I wish I could describe it better. Here’s a photo and description. We used a kettlebell only in one hand, the top hand, and switched it over to the other hand to windmill on the other side.