CrossFit Workout

Tonight’s workout was three rounds of:
30 high-pull Sumo deadlifts (pull the bar up near the throat so that elbows are level)
30 dips
30 V-ups (a sort of crunch where you fold in half at the hips and hands and feet meet in the air)
30 pull-ups
Dag. I hate pull-ups. I can do three or four unassisted and then I have to use the thickest rubberband available to help me get up. Even then I poop out before 30, especially on rounds 2 and 3, and it’s a struggle of two or three pull-ups at a time between breaks.
The only good thing I can say about today’s pull-ups was that I started learning how to kip them, meaning you pick up the knees, ripple the body like a whip and try to fling the chin over the bar. People can do more pull-ups that way; it engages more of the body and requires coordination. Some people think kipping is cheating, but it seems to be de rigeur at CrossFit and I’m drinking their Kool-Aid.
For the Sumo deadlifts I used an empty 20-KG barbell and it was challenging to get 10-15 reps together at a good speed.
In the gymnastics segment, we started by practicing kips as usual (the gymnastic move, not the pull-up cheat). Dave got them for the first time. It was exciting. A couple of other people got one with spotters helping. Tom, trying the kip for the second time, progressed fast. We’re all making progress. The move has a lot of parts to it and it is impossible to keep all of them in mind for the split second it takes to grab the bar, extend out beyond it, and snap back—let alone follow through with the pop-up to above the bar. Slide show of the kip.

3 thoughts on “CrossFit Workout”

  1. You’re luring me in to this stuff, y’know. I joined the discussion list. I’ll prolly get the newsletter. Do you get it? Is it worth it? I’m gearing up to do whatever of the WOD I can do with my gym’s gear.

  2. The journal is okay. It’s way too verbose and is not well edited, but it’s fun to read. It is valuable when they write about how to do the exercises (as opposed to nutritional pseudoscience).

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