Not Ready to Suffer

Tomorrow is the monthly Suffer on Saturday event at CrossFit North. This will be either my second or third one. (I’ve already lost track because I suffer through most of the regular workouts!) I don’t want to go. There’s snow in the forecast and I hope it really dumps so that I can stay home. But in Seattle it almost never amounts to anything. So I’m left to ask myself whether I’m GOING or NOT GOING.
I’m still sore from Wednesday’s workout, sorer than I was yesterday. You know you really worked when you’re more sore on the second day. And I’m frustrated with how few pull-ups I can do. I don’t think the assisted method, putting my feet into a giant rubberband suspended from the bar, is working very well after the first 10 to 15 reps, depending on how tired I already am from other things. When I’m more tired, I find that with the rubberband I can’t go anywhere near straight up and down for the pull-ups. The rubberband pulls my feet forward significantly so that I’m tipped back and doing more of a suspended row.
I shouldn’t complain about the rubberband; it’s an effective solution for a short burst, in my opinion, and I recommend other people try it if you’re working on pull-ups. I’m not sure why it was bugging me so much on Wednesday. But the gym was freezing cold and I had this weird, painful sudden-sore-muscle appearing repeatedly in my left shoulder, as if I hadn’t warmed it up enough. This one spot would knot up after I did several pull-ups or fractions of them. The rubberband probably didn’t have anything to do with that. I was just frustrated.
I know pull-ups are hard, period, and as a woman I may never improve all that much at them. Maybe? I don’t know what’s realistic. I get tired of being frustrated with one particular thing that I have no intention of giving up doing. So if I’m going to keep doing it, I have to find some way to either change what I’m doing or somehow give up the frustration.
What I would kind of like to do is stop doing pull-ups when I get so fatigued that I can’t even do one after a 20-second rest. I might feel less counterproductive and my shoulder might not hurt. But I resist doing fewer reps because we are usually assigned lots and lots of them in three or more sets. I don’t want to be the person who has decided she doesn’t have to do the whole workout. Especially tomorrow, when we will be timed and the results posted to the website. I’m not going to be a “Did Not Finish”! The final piece of tomorrow’s timed workout is 25 pull-ups. I’m telling myself to just be glad it’s only one set. (If you’re curious the whole workout is listed at the above Suffer link.)