CrossFit Friday

Tonight’s workout went 15 rounds, a new round starting every minute and a half. If you completed the round fast, you got a longer rest before the next one started. Each round consisted of:
10 push-ups (I did only five each round)
10 mountain-climbers
10 one-handed dumbbell deadlifts
5 hanging leg raises (I substituted V-ups because of my sore shoulder)
I tried to keep up with Dave, which I was able to do because of my fewer push-ups and the substitution of V-ups. The challenging part of going fast was to do the push-ups and mountain-climbers fast enough. Those are two drills I tend to slow down on without noticing. Thankfully we do mountain-climbers frequently enough at boxing that although they’re still brutal, at least they’re familiar.
This workout was hard, but I felt it was missing something. It’s possible I should have used a heavier dumbbell than 35 pounds for the deadlifts and that I should have done more than 5 V-ups per round. I should not have been able to keep up with Dave. Not that I’m complaining. It’s hard to get everything adjusted just right when you’re looking at 15 rounds. You know it will get tiring but you don’t know how much it would take to render the last few rounds worthless.
Last Monday we did a bunch of overhead squats with the PVC pipe, tensing the whole body and locking the arms as if holding a heavy weight. Afterward, my shoulders were really sore. Over the course of this week, as the muscle soreness wore off, I realized that the ache in my left shoulder isn’t going away. Yesterday it was a little worse, and today I noticed I was favoring that shoulder—lifting my bag or a book with the other hand, shifting my body along with the shoulder when I was putting things into the car.
I told Dave about it before today’s workout and that’s why he had me substitute the V-ups for the hanging leg-raises. Afterward I asked Kristen and Nancy if they could suggest any ways to strengthen the rotator cuff or to protect it. Kristen said to try to do any overhead lifts with dumbbells instead of with a bar. That was what made me remember how hard the PVC overhead squats were on my shoulders, and that’s why I think those squats are the cause of the ache. I have to be sure to rest it for a while and avoid hanging exercises like pull-ups. That’s going to be hard to do, but worth it I guess.
After the shoulder feels better, when we do any overhead lifting, I’ll have to minimize how much I do with a bar. I don’t think I have to avoid that altogether—I just think the many “practice” overhead squats we did Monday, combined with 25 rapid ones, were too much. That was a really long time to hold the bar up with my arms spread and locked out. Also when it feels better I’ll find out some exercises to strengthen it and prevent this from happening again. Kristen showed me a few things to try, like lifting a light weight out in front of the hip at an angle.