Jogging in Mud

I wanted to work out yesterday so I biked to the high school track to try the two-mile run again. I was slower than ever at 18:48. The track was wet and soft, with outright mud puddles taking up most of the short ends of the oval. I had to tiptoe through those. I ended up with muddy shoes and mud splashed up to my knees.
Tom came out a few minutes after me, with a plan to redo the last Suffer on Saturday sequence of drills: run around once, 50 squats, run around, 50 push-ups, run around, 50 sit-ups, run around, 25 pull-ups. He had to scout around for a dry, firm piece of ground to do the calisthenics, and he found a metal utility trap-door in the grass that was just big enough. I was done with my run, but I did the squats and push-ups with him. For his final run, he ran home to do the pull-ups in the basement. I followed on my bike and then did the 50 sit-ups without stopping, with Tom anchoring my feet. It was the first time I did all 50 without taking a couple of small breathers. Having a person holding my feet instead of a pair of barbells made me work a little harder.
Trying to give my shoulder time to heal, I didn’t do the pull-ups. I’m going to minimize any hanging exercises for a couple of weeks at least, take Ibuprofen, and avoid overhead squats completely. When my shoulder stops twinging, I’ll start doing some rotator cuff exercises with my 5- or 10-pound hand weights to try to build rotator cuff strength, and then be very conservative with OH squats in the future. Dave said he’ll give me some good substitution exercises to replace the hanging and overhead ones so I can still work out while this is healing. He also suggested fish oil as an alternative to Ibuprofen, saying it has been used safely for muscle repair for many years. I’m skeptical of supplements other than multivitamins and calcium, but I’ll try a conservative daily dose for the short term. Tom, also a skeptic, read up on it and it seems it’s been established as safe.