The Exercise with No Name

Climb most of the way up the stall bars. Bend one knee and dangle the other leg straight down as far as you can. Your partner grabs your dangling foot. Now push with your bent leg until you straighten it, lifting the partner’s upper body off of the floor. Evil!
We did partner drills today after 3 sets of 20 kettlebell swings (I used 16 KG). The above nameless evil was the first drill. We had two minutes to do as many sets of four with each leg as we could. Next in the circuit came medicine-ball sit-ups. I did 39 in the two minutes.
Then came another nameless painful drill on the back-up apparatus. Bend at the hips and pick up the medicine ball from the floor. Straighten your arms over your head (more or less horizontal in this case, along with the rest of the body). Rear up as high as possible, as if to fling the medicine ball backwards over your head (but don’t let go). This one was especially terrible because the lower back was completely shot from all the kettlebell swings. I kept sagging down, putting my head on the medicine ball with a groan. If I remember right, I think I eventually got 31 of these in two minutes.
Finally, assisted pull-ups. I substituted a type of row because of my shoulder. I put my feet on a chair and put my hands on a lowered pair of rings, made my body a horizontal plank, and rowed myself up toward the rings while my feet were supported on the chair. I didn’t manage very many, maybe 26. Not only were my arms giving out (having already pulled so hard on the evil first exercise on the stall bars, trying to help my leg lift Nancy off the floor), but my lower back was tightening up and complaining loudly.
Later Nancy and I did some back squats. I got up to 165 pounds, not the most I’ve squatted but good enough considering my legs and lower back were already used up. It took me two tries; on my first try, I got stuck and had to drop the weight. Kind of weird to drop it off of my back! I sort of ducked out from under it. It rolled down my spine and clattered on the floor loudly. I’d moved forward as I let go, so it didn’t hurt me as it fell, but I should have arched my back away from it (chest out) as I moved, instead of ducking, and it might have missed me altogether. Dropping the weights is not a big deal, but it feels like a big deal because it makes so much noise.
Then Dave had various people and himself try some tumbling and rope-climbing techniques while being photographed, trying to capture the phases of each technique. It was fun to goof around, and to try out their camera too.
I may go back tomorrow night because I have to skip Wednesday this week. On Wednesday I have plans with a few friends from boxing to work out and then go to dinner.

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  1. That’s true! They are both impossible and hard! And everything in between. Also they are giving me huge calluses on my hands.

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