Rushing Around

I’m frustrated right now because I’m at home waiting for a plumber instead of at CrossFit. On the other hand, I’d be more frustrated later on if I didn’t let wait for the plumber tonight and our kitchen remodel took three extra days.
Let’s see. I worked out on Monday night. We had two rounds of four exercises: rowing, push-press (women: empty 20-kg bar; men: bar plus 20 pounds), sit-ups, and wall-ball. In the first round, each exercise was allotted 90 seconds. In the second round, each was allotted 60 seconds. We had to do as many reps as we could in the allotted time and then have a partner call out our scores. Dave tried to keep the time in between exercises as short as possible, but mostly the transitions seemed to take longer than he hoped.
So for me, it went like this:
90 seconds push-press
90 seconds sit-ups
90 seconds wall-ball
90 seconds rowing
60 seconds push-press
60 seconds sit-ups
60 seconds wall-ball
60 seconds rowing
… while my partner kept score for me. Then the partners switched and I counted reps for him.
Unfortunately I never had a chance to write down my scores, and I doubt if I can remember them accurately now. I had the hardest time with the push-press. I think I might have done 30 in the first round and 19 in the second. Boy—does that empty bar get heavy fast when I’m pushing it over my head. The idea is to use the strong forward hip motion, and the legs, pushing through the heels, to float the bar overhead and press the last little bit to lock the arms before bringing it down again. But when the bar gets heavy, especially in the second round after I’d been on the rower for 90 seconds, it is hard to find the hip and leg strength.
Tom was partnered with a teenager who apparently forgot to count his reps on some of the exercises, so he got gypped on his scores. My partner counted my reps and always encouraged me to push myself to complete the next 10 reps—get to 30, get to 40.
As soon as the second set of partners completed their drills, with my group scoring them, I had to run. I had plans for dinner with a friend up north of Seattle. It wasn’t much fun to leave the gym without being able to hang around and try other skills after the workout (or chat). And tonight I’m missing gymnastics. I hope I’ll be able to go tomorrow night.
Okay, now the plumbers are making a giant racket and I think I better leave for a while.