Make Mine a Double

I was so happy to get to the gym tonight. I wanted to work extra hard because I felt so sedentary after two days off, and eating out every night this week because of the missing kitchen. So I went in at 5:00 and worked with Scott, one of the assistant coaches.
The workout was 4 rounds of:
15 wall-ball
15 pull-ups
15 push-ups
15 kettlebell swings (I used a 16-kg bell)
This took me 15 minutes.
Then Nancy and I practiced our muscle-up drills for a short while. I got into the harness on the rings and with its support of half my weight, it wasn’t hard to do a muscle-up. (Doing one in the harness doesn’t really count, but I like to remember that I tried the same thing on my first day there and couldn’t do it.) We moved to the low rings that hang from the pull-up bar and tried supporting ourselves in the bottom of the dip position. What we did was grasp the rings at ribs-level, jump to support with arms locked, and let ourselves down slowly into the deepest dip we could get—the hands are right in front of the armpits. Then we tried to hold it there for as long as we could. That point is the hardest part of the muscle-up: the transition from the pull-up to the rising out of the deep dip position.
Tom got really close to doing an unassisted muscle-up last night. When I left the house because of the plumbers, I went to the gym to intercept him so that we could go get dinner before going home, and he jumped up onto the rings (without the harness) to show me how close he was to the muscle-up. If he practices every time, I bet he can get one within two weeks. I’m laying down the challenge!
Anyway, back to tonight. After Nancy had to go, I saw that Dave had come in and was getting a few people warmed up for a workout. I decided to warm up with them and see if I wanted to work out. By now, except for the work Nancy and I did, I had been recovering for 30 minutes from a 15-minute workout. So after the warm-up of air squats and medicine-ball throws (trying to hit the ceiling, which is … really high), I asked Dave if I could have a legs workout, seeing as I’d just done an upper-body one.
So I did the workout I missed yesterday, which was 3 rounds of:
9 deadlifts at 75 percent of your max
Row 500 meters
The idea was to break up each set of 9 lifts into 3 sets of 3 with a short rest in between. Dave said “rest for a minute in between,” but I didn’t take him literally and watch the clock. A minute seemed too long. I lifted 152 pounds and hated the rowing as always. I have stumpy little legs and am not a good rower. Someone long-legged sits down on the rower next to mine and goes “WHOOOOSSSHHH! WHOOOOSSSHHH!” probably 50 meters per stroke, while I sound like “Whish-whish. Whish-whish,” and never seem to get anywhere. For 500 meters I’m stuck at around 2:03.
When I finally left, Scott told me I was “really throwing it down” tonight. It’s fun to be around people who also like to do this kind of thing and compliment each other for it instead of thinking it’s totally unhinged.
I’m planning to work out again tomorrow, and then Saturday is the first Saturday of the month which means it’s time to “Suffer on Saturday.” This month it’s a game of Hoover Ball. I can’t wait. I just hope I don’t catch the ball with my face.

2 thoughts on “Make Mine a Double”

  1. Are any of those pictures you on Hooverball? That looks fun, in that “ow, my face” kind of way.
    What, if any, equipment have you purchased in your efforts to reach Crossfit’s levels? I’m toying with rings and/or anything that extends my current fascination with bodyweight-only exercise.

  2. Yep! Tom and I are in some of those pictures, including the one that’s on the CrossFit North home page for the moment.
    We have a pull-up bar attached to a rafter in our basement. That’s about it. Our 5- and 10-pound hand dumbbells are too light – I need to get some heavier ones as substitutes for kettlebells. Go for the rings if you have something to toss them over. They’re fabulous.

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