Blogging While Supposed To Be Gathering Tax Documents

Just a short post and then I’ll go find that manila folder…
Last night’s workout was a bunch of alternating rounds of front squats (increasing weight) and handstand push-ups. I worked up to two single-rep sets of 152 pounds. I didn’t do the math until later (Kg to pounds), or else I would have added 10 more pounds to see if I could beat my max from a while back.
I did all my handstand push-ups against a wall, as usual when there’s no spotter. I learned that I’m very resistant to lowering myself all the way until my head touches the mat. Eventually I did it. Of course I couldn’t begin to push back up, but I tried.
After the lifts and push-ups, we went outside for two timed sprints around the building (400 yards). It was me and three guys. Dave wanted to see if any of us could go faster the second time—fat chance! We took off and I kept up with them three quarters of the way, until we came to a bottleneck and I slowed slightly to let somebody run between a bush and a post ahead of me. I couldn’t regain my speed and I came in three seconds behind the three guys. I should have taken the longer outside route around that corner and kept up my speed. I thought I was pretty fast up until then, keeping up with the boys. But maybe I would have pooped out near the end anyway. When we stopped I felt a little lightheaded. I’ve never run 400 yards that fast in my life, so no wonder.
Dave gave us three minutes of rest and we ran it again. This time the men pulled away from me immediately and I stuck to an elderly-feeling jog. I seemed to have none of the stride left that I had in the first run, reaching far with the feet, rotating the hips to stride longer. Instead I kind of minced along. At least I didn’t have to stop and sit on the curb like the other night! I could really feel the fatigue in my rear from the heavy squats I’d just done. Funny that it didn’t really set in until the second lap.
For my two runs I came in at 1:33 and 1:55. Hard to believe my miserable little jog only made the lap 22 seconds longer than the first! Tom actually did manage to go a second faster on the second run than his first. I think he said his times were 1:30 and 1:29. The younger guy we ran with, probably in his 20s, was much faster than any of us other three 40-somethings.
This afternoon after work, my first priority was to get out in the nice weather, so I jogged up the hill to the Madrona Library to return a book, then went to a neighborhood playground. I did a bunch of sets of three pull-ups while six or eight 10-year-old girls and one boy ran around yelling their heads off. It was a timeless playground scene, outside in the early evening before dinner, climbing on stuff and talking and yelling. One girl said my pull-ups were “pretty good” so I asked her if she could do them too. She said “Barely!”, jumped up and knocked off two quick and complete chin-ups before galloping off. She could have done another one or two, I’ll bet.
When I got tired of pull-ups I wandered over to a big patch of artificial turf to do cartwheels and handstands. The same girl came over and asked me, “How do you do that? I can barely cartwheel!” She did a cartwheel and then a much better second one. It was fun to meet a friendly kid. When I left she was on top of the monkey bars hollering down to another girl.