Cookies in the Mail!

I’m trying to go to the gym every day this week because I can’t go at all next week. Last night I had enough fun to make up for my frustration on Tuesday. Last night’s workout was done in teams of two partners; Nancy and I were paired together for 5 rounds of 15 kettlebell deadlifts and 15 burpees.
We used two 12-kg kettlebells, and I powered through each round of deadlifts faster than I expected. Anything that involves a squat is always the best part of my workout, as I can usually bounce up and down at a decent clip. Burpees are another story. I’m pretty sure Nancy was powering through the deadlifts at top speed as well, because I was dimly aware she was finished and waiting each round as I was struggling through the last five or six burpees. (You had to wait for your partner to finish before you started on your own next round.) We finished our 5 rounds in 12:36.
Gymnastics was fun as always. I came closer than ever to getting a kip, managing to get my hips over the bar with only a little boost from the spotter. This was gratifying. It’s nice to feel like you just got a little push at the last minute instead of having to be hoisted over the bar like a sack of flour. We also practiced cartwheels and handstand walking, specifically, taking a step with each hand with the goal of turning your body about 90 degrees. That was fun because by then everybody was warmed up to being upside down from doing cartwheels, so we weren’t complete spazzes as we could have been. Then we practiced ring-swings and the skin-the-cat dismount, which I love. I felt like a kid being allowed to have as much fun as I wanted. “Want to do it again? Sure, go ahead!”
Tom and I went home starving from that as we always do on Wednesdays, and found that Girl Scout cookies from our niece had arrived in the mail. What a treat!