Friday: A Long Time Ago

I was so happy to be back at the gym on Friday! And I was so happy to be feeling normal, after my fast, that I ran around all weekend and did everything I like to do besides blog.
Friday’s workout was three rounds of 5 drills, doing each drill for a minute and counting reps. We got a 1-minute break between rounds (not between individual exercises). The five drills and my scores for each round were:
Row 1 minute for calories: 13, 12, 11
Sumo high-pull deadlift 55 (?) pounds: 22, 16, 18
Thrusters with 45-pound barbell: 22, 22, 19
Body-weight row (lean back against low rings and pull yourself up, plank-like): 25, 17, 17
Wall-ball: 22, 20, 20
Those body-weight rows are SO hard after about the first 15 that I break down to doing two or three at a time.
Before the workout we warmed up with some overhead squats. I used a PVC pipe, then the Aluma-Light barbell (15 pounds), then the empty 45-pound barbell, which felt heavy. That’s a nerve-wracking squat. I’d never tried it with anything heavier than a sand-filled PVC pipe. Friday’s lifts went well, though. I started to feel how to “pull the bar apart,” as they say, holding that very tight shoulder and back position all the way down into the squat. That was gratifying. I wouldn’t say I’ve really got it down by any means, though.

One thought on “Friday: A Long Time Ago”

  1. Few things. Yes, those reverse rows are MEAN. I had completely forgotten about the rowing machines in my gym, and that’s great to remember, as I’m working harder on fat loss for the next little while. Those overhead squats scare me, and when you look at pictures of folks with lots of weight over their heads just scare me even more. Aiee. I like the banner with the kettlebells. You really ARE playing with the design a lot. Very clean and nice.

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