24 Hours, Two Trips

Last night we were tired enough to go to sleep at 10:00, so we decided to get up today and go back to the gym at 8:00. I always had more energy on Saturday mornings at the boxing gym than on weeknights, and that held true today. Today’s workout:
Row 1000 M
20 burpees with 16 kg kettlebells
5 clean and jerk (I used 65 pounds)
Row 750 M
18 burpees with kettlebells
5 clean and jerk
Row 500 M
15 burpees with kettlebells
5 clean and jerk
My rowing times (the third one is approximate): 4:12, 3:20, 2:10. I was happy with these. I’d never rowed 1000 before. I kept my 500-meter pace about the same on all three rows, and my rowing technique has improved with practice and coaching. I no longer feel like a little stumpy-legged kangaroo, zipping in and out to little effect. Now I lean in a bit at the front, lean back against my legs, and end with straight legs and a hard arm-pull on each stroke. This all gives me a longer stroke than I used to have and lets me return forward more slowly, for a tiny rest without losing too much efficiency. These aren’t especially fast times, but it’s nice to feel my technique and pacing have improved a bit.
“Burpee with kettlebell” means: Put two kettlebells by your feet. Squat (using good squat form) and grasp the handles. Shoot your feet out behind you to a plank position. Do a push-up. Shoot your feet back up front between the kettlebells and try to land in a good squat (back arched, butt pushed back). Jump into the air (not high) out of the squat, holding the kettlebells. Land without drooping the shoulders, set the kettlebells down using good squat form, and repeat. I loved these. I chugged away steadily, not at a blistering pace by any means, but I was able to keep good form. If I needed a rest, I gave myself two breaths before restarting. I rested twice during each set of burpees.
The clean and jerk made me nervous before we started, but it worked out great because Dave came over to work with me and Tom and others on the technique with the PVC as our warm-up. So I ended up enjoying the chance to practice this move on my own with weight for the 5 reps per round. In contrast to all the spotting and assistance I had on pull-ups yesterday, this was a fun example of being coached in advance and then working on my own.
Total workout time: 24:40.
Still trying to erase last night’s pull-up frustration, I did a lot of kipping pull-ups today after the workout. Although I was tired, I did one set of 10 unbroken. I didn’t count a running total, which I should have done because it would help me organize my goal of 21. But if I remember right, after the 10, I rested and did 8 and 5. Hey—that’s more than 21. I have to just work on putting 10, 8, and 3 together as quickly as possible. Anyway, I took a break and continued after a few minutes with sets of 8 and 3. Boy, are my arms tired. The shampoo was heavy… the hair dryer was heavy… the coffee cup was heavy… the computer mouse is heavy….