Twelve Rounds

Last night’s workout was “Cindy”:
In 20 minutes, do as many rounds as you can of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.
I managed 12 rounds. It sounds measley now, but I was happy with it because my pull-ups went so well. After last Friday’s workout, when the pull-ups assisted by the rubberband went so badly, I swore off of the rubberband. From now on it’s 100 percent kipping pull-ups unless I’m told to do otherwise. For this workout, with only 5 pull-ups at a time, kipping was gratifying because I never had to let go of the bar during the set. It was also a lot of fun because it allowed me to pull up past my chin for a change. I have to work on getting the rhythm and timing down and stop doing the extra little swing of my legs in between reps.
The reason I think my 12 rounds sounds so puny now is because I looked up people’s scores on the CrossFit site last time “Cindy” was posted there. Yikes! Highest scores I saw there are 28 rounds for a female, 32 for a male. I can’t imagine how to get that much faster, even if I could do all my push-ups and pull-ups without stopping.
Today I rode my bike downtown and back, meeting someone about a freelance writing job. I’ve now been biking in Seattle for almost eight years. It took me the first two years to be able to get across town (over the top of Capitol Hill) without resenting the un-fun-ness of it, even though it’s only three miles. Eventually I got accustomed to the hills, but now things have improved again and I hardly notice the hills on familiar routes. I think it’s from all those air squats and weighted squats. This is really good, because for that first two years I wasn’t sure bike riding was ever going to be fun here like it was in Chicago (where it’s totally flat).