Kettlebell Beatdown

Before the workout last night, I practiced climbing the rope for the second or third time this week. I really needed to get smoother at climbing because tomorrow’s Suffer on Saturday event is going to include rope climbs. I’m going to wear long, thick bike tights and bring a pair of gloves. I want to move as fast as I can (not very fast) without getting a rope burn.
Last night’s workout was a long, drawn-out beat-down. Take two kettlebells out onto the astroturf in the hangar. Carry them down to the far end and back, moving along by doing two lunges, a clean and front squat, and repeat until there and back.
First we warmed up with some kettlebell swings that were a good reminder of how heavy they were going to feel after several “steps” down the astroturf. Mine were 12 kg’s. Sure enough, I had to take breaks along the way. The part of the drill that seemed to tire me out the quickest was lowering the kettlebells down to the lunge position after the front squat. I think I ate too late in the day before the workout, because I kept getting lightheaded.
Once we all slowly made our way down and back, we did a few sets of 10 push-ups and sit-ups, then did one more length with the kettlebell routine again. Mercifully we were allowed to carry the kettlebells back to the start from the far end instead of again lunging our way back. Before we quit, we did some more push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching.
Tom and I hung around the gym for a while before we went home. I did two sets of 5 pull-ups and four sets of 10 sit-ups. Tom and another guy rowed 500 meters going for their fastest time. Tom’s time was 1:38—impressive, I thought.
Today I didn’t go to the gym. Tomorrow holds not only Suffer on Saturday, but a second-anniversary party for the gym that is going to involve playing Hooverball. I thought I better rest up.