Tonight was a lung-busting workout of 7 rounds for time:
10 kettlebell swings (24 kg)
20 lateral jumps over a medicine ball (back and forth counted as one, so it was really 40!)
5 hanging leg-raises
10 push-ups
This took me 21 minutes. I came at 6:00 so most people had left, and I worked out with Dave. I was glad he admitted to thinking the jump-overs are brutal! We used to do those at boxing, jumping over a stepper, and I never got enough stamina built up to do 20 without stopping.
Last Monday was especially hard: 30 minutes, starting on each new minute doing 10 burpees and 5 V-ups. You had to keep going for 30 minutes, so you had to have at least 15 seconds of rest at the end of each minute before the next one started. This meant I quickly reduced the rounds to 8, 6, then 5 burpees per round in order to get through it. Once again even the fittest people said they were sore for days after that one!