Today was my third attempt at “Christine.” My first attempt was on my first day there, and my second was… dang, I can’t find it! I didn’t know its name was “Christine” when I first blogged it. Anyway, my time on my last attempt was about 14:30 I’m pretty sure. If we get under 10 minutes, we get a T-shirt.
Three rounds:
Row 500 meters
Bodyweight deadlift 12 reps
21 box jumps
I shaved some time off but am nowhere near getting a sub-10 shirt. My time was 12:57. I need to do the deadlifts faster, Dave suggested, by following the bar down as I drop it. I know I also need my 500-meter row to get faster. I think I rowed 1:55, 2:05, and about 2:08. Not bad but not going to get me that T-shirt.
Later I tried dead-hang pull-ups, after weeks of kipping them, and found I could do six; I rested for a few minutes and then did another six on the rings. It was hard not to kip because after getting used to it, it feels so natural to swing into the pull-ups.