CrossFit Racine

Tom and I went to Chicago on vacation last week and stayed with my sister-in-law up north near the Wisconsin border. While we were there we went twice to work out with Ryan of CrossFit Racine. It was around 90 degrees outside both times. The first time, we warmed up on the front lawn with pattern jumps (as if we weren’t warm enough already). For the workout, we did a bunch of cleans to practice the technique, then when we were nice and tired from that, we ran a mile. My mile time was 7:26. That seems a little fast for me and I can’t help wondering if it was really a full mile! Ryan has measured it, though. The second time we went up to his place we did four sets of 50 air-squats; between sets we did a set of cardio work. For the cardio we did a 400-meter run, rowed 500 meters, rode .67 mile on the stationary bike, and jumped rope for 30 doubles. I finished in 17:21 if I remember right.
Ryan was a generous host and encouraged us to use his backyard swimming pool after the workout, which felt unbelievably good.
Another day, we went into Chicago and rented bikes at Foster Beach on the far north side. We rode down the bike path through Lincoln Park and Grant Park as far south as the Shedd Aquarium. In Lincoln Park we stopped at the rings set-up, one of the stations on the Fit Trail along the jogging path north of Diversey. Tom did a muscle-up while I took pictures. He’s getting smoother at those. He says the transition point (between pulling up and then starting to rise out of the dip position) has suddenly “clicked” and become easier. A few blocks farther south we stopped again at the pull-up bars and tried not to watch a jogger doing pull-ups. He did eight or nine of them from a dead hang, which is great, but we could not help noticing he wasn’t fully extending down before starting his next pull. It’s so hard to perceive that on your own, and I’d do the same thing if I hadn’t had the CrossFit people to harangue me to fully extend. After the jogger left Tom and I did a few sets of 10 pull-ups. I can’t do that many from a dead hang, so instead I wore my grip out and got a blister from kipping, as usual.
Chicago keeps improving and adding to its lakefront bike paths and they’re more of a treat than ever. And they’ve put in new flowerbeds around Belmont Harbor and other places, and added a whole new Millennium Park downtown, which we loved.