Fran Meets “Fran” – Again

I had a rematch with the workout known as “Fran” last night, my first night back at the gym since coming home from Chicago. Last time I did “Fran,” I felt like a complete flop because my pull-ups were so weak and slow. That was the last time I ever used the rubberband for assistance with pull-ups; it seemed to restrict me to dead-hang-style pull-ups that were too tiring, even though the rubberband is supposed to make pull-ups easier. Also I was disappointed with myself because I reduced the weight that time from the prescribed 95 pounds to just the 45-pound bar.
“Fran” consists of 21, 15, and 9 reps of 95-pound thrusters and pull-ups.
Last night I couldn’t remember my weight or my time from the last “Fran.” At Dave’s suggestion I used a weight of 65 pounds for the thrusters. I broke up all sets of both exercises, but in spite of the increased weight I took almost two minutes off of my time, finishing in 7:56 compared to last time’s 9:54. The unassisted, kipping pull-ups went faster than the rubberband ones used to. I broke the pull-ups into three sets of 7, three sets of 5, and three sets of 3. I was really happy with my time and was completely wiped out.