Fight Gone Good

Today we had a great time with Fight Gone Bad: my second go with this one (my other time was in April), and Tom’s first. I’ve decided to put each named workout into its own category, so they’ll appear on the righthand side of the blog and I can quickly find and compare them.
Today I used a 20-pound wall ball compared to last time’s 12-pound ball; deadlifted 75 pounds vs last time’s 53; and push-pressed 75 pounds vs last time’s 55. In other words, I made three of the five exercises a lot more difficult. My overall total reps were 226 compared to 254 in April. Tom scored 254 today.
I scored a lot higher on rowing for calories in April, almost twice as high. It was because there were only two of us working out, we had the rowers right next to the push-press rack, and Scott was right there to help us get our feet in the rowers for a fast start.
Anyway, it’s a great workout. Tom and I had biked up to the gym, so on top of that we had a 17-mile bike ride round trip. It was sunny and perfect today. We stopped on the way home to dangle our feet off the canoe dock at UW.