Twice the Slowness!

Last night we had three rounds of:
Row 500 meters
21 thrusters (two 8-kg kettlebells–18 pounds roughly)
12 pull-ups
The kettlebells didn’t seem heavy, but my legs were killed by the rowing, so I had to break up every set. The pull-ups went very slowly too. I’m not sure which is harder–doing lots of pull-ups, or jumping back up to the bar after jumping down for a rest. Rowing times were 1:55, 2:05, 2:14. My total time for the workout was 15:50.
My time for the workout “Fran,” which consists of 21, 15, 9 reps of 65-pound thrusters and pull-ups (but no rowing) was 7:54. That one is a total of 45 of each of the two drills. Last night’s workout contained 63 not-heavy thrusters and 36 pull-ups–99 total reps. Adding the 9 reps plus the three rowing sets made my time twice as long for last night’s workout compared to “Fran” despite the lighter-weight thrusters.