Busy Thursday

Yesterday I biked to work 3 miles; walked down and up 41 stories (voluntarily) as part of a building fire drill; rode in someone’s car up to the gym to work out; biked home 8 miles; and mowed the lawn. I was so tired I hated to stand up long enough to take a shower.
Last night’s workout (the portion at the gym, that is):
100 air squats
30 box jumps
30 KB swings with 24 Kg
30 sit-ups
30 power cleans
30 burpees
30 wall ball
Run 800 meters (twice around building)
I hope I’m not forgetting anything that was on the list. This took me about 18 minutes. For the run, I came around the first time and saw that Dave was timing me, 2:25, and he told me to try to go faster for the second lap. I said, “Yeah, RIGHT!” but I tried to speed up for the final third of that lap and I did beat my time by 20 seconds for 2:05. That was a surprise.
I got eight hours of sleep, so I feel fine today, but a little sore in the back of the legs.
About our building fire drill at work, the idea was for everyone to walk all the way down to the street in order to get familiar with the stairwells and how long it takes to get all the way down. In a disaster, ideally people would evacuate without waiting around, as soon as they think something’s wrong. The “walkdown” was voluntary but encouraged by our firm.
The safety coordinator sent an all-firm email later saying we had a great turn-out, with one-third of the staff participating. I thought “great turn-out” was completely phony; only one-third agreeing to walk down is clearly a terrible turn-out. Instead she should have said, “We can do better!” and challenged people to make it two-thirds next year. It is hard for me to imagine that just walking DOWN was truly too strenuous for two-thirds of our people to do it. A bit difficult, a little uncomfortable, yes, but even so, I think more people could have done it without injury and should have. I won’t let myself get caught behind these resisters in a real emergency, that’s for sure!
Only three of us chose to walk back up. It took me 6:52 to get downstairs and 8:28 to get back up, walking quickly with no running and no stopping. Some others who found out about this thought we were really out on a limb, really extreme, to do such a thing. Others thought it was a great idea (for us). I know lots of people don’t make exercise a part of their lives, but I think it’s bizarre that people actually made a fuss over walking down and thought we were over the top for wanting to walk up. It seems a lot of people voluntarily act incapable, which is crazy behavior, because it leads to becoming less capable in reality. If you won’t walk down the stairs now, how are you going to save yourself in 15 years when you’re in worse shape and there’s a real emergency?

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  1. The drill sounds interesting in a sociology sort of way. We haven’t had a drill in the entire time I’ve worked where I work now (5.5 yrs), and while our corporate culture is all about using the stairs to get to another of our floors, those of us who walk down the stairs to go outside are seen as, I dunno, exercise addicts or something. (I don’t let on that I usually take the elevator to 2 so I can walk up the stairs — verboten. Sigh!)
    That’s kinda sad that they are seeing 1/3 as a good participation rate, or claiming that.

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