Bonus Chariot Race

We had a good workout today that I especially enjoyed:
7 handstand push-ups
12 L-pull-ups
8 front squats
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
For handstand push-ups, we all had to use the wall, and I can’t go very deep and still come up out of it, but going shallow I could do all 7 without stopping. It was a challenge. Same thing for the L-pull-ups (doing a pull-up in an L-sit position). Most of us could not do these neatly, so we stood on a bench under the pull-up bar, jumped and lifted our legs into an L, and lowered ourselves trying to hold the L. This also was challenging but it was fun to experiment and see what combination of jumping, pulling, and leg-lifting resulted in the best form while still being possible for me to do. And for the front squats, I used a 45-kg barbell. I managed just a few squats shy of 6 rounds in 20 minutes.
After all that, we went out onto the astroturf in the hangar and did the following:
1 “chariot race” to the end and back (maybe 50 yards) (This wasn’t nearly as bad as last time because we didn’t have to turn the corner.)
1 medicine ball throw-and-chase to the end and back for speed
1 bear crawl to the end and back
I ended up feeling like I’d worked out my whole body and was tired but not totally beat. I did some gardening later and then I was beat.